Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flip Strip

I found this at a garage sale eons ago. It's from the 40s (WW2 era) and is in crumbly condition but I wanted so badly to share it that I actually damaged it a bit folding the transparent bits over to scan it but I figured it was worth it, something like this should be shared.

The inside front cover says:
"This daring young maiden, Elaine,
For a thrill jumped out of a plane.
As through space she did glide,
She lost more than her pride,
With that breeze, not a stitch could remain."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Little Googie on The Prairie

Driving through the extremely rural, desolate, nearly abandoned town of Savoy, Arkansas I saw these ruins sitting in a field with a barn in the background. There was a large gate with a crackled driveway that lead the structure. At first I thought maybe it had been part of a gas station but I saw no place for pumps or a pull-thru so I suppose it's just the left-over carport of what must of at one time been the most modern house in Savoy... or at least it's carport was. Wish it was at my house, I'd have it painted turquise and orange and all spiffed up for outdoor dining. Gull-wings AWAY!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Granny's Sewing Box Finds

It seems that back in the 50s and 60s (maybe before that as well) businesses used these sorts of things as promotions to impressed the little missus when she tagged along with the big guy to buy insurance or auto parts or whatnot.

"Here little lady, go home and darn some sock for your man and rest assured that everything is being taken care of and your life is one of clueless safety!"

And although this "Sinclair" three-&-a-bit-inch combination ruler and 1965 calender is gender neutral it's also essentially useless and appears to of found it's post 65' use as a needle or pin holder (note the holes.)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bosom Friend

Found this card at a roadside sale on the way to Eureka Springs, AR. They had pretty much everything over-priced but I found a few forgotten items in the bottom of boxes and sometimes under the boxes. Just more hillbillies who think their crap is worth it's weight in plutonium and don't know the truly great stuff when they have it.I had to remove her hard, plastic, yellow top so that she's lay flat on the scanner. The blue top beneath looks better but it wouldn't of completed the whole "you think it's part of a flower but it's really BOOBIES!" effect. The date on the back is 1948.
Either way, it was a neat find.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Post

5 active years on Live Journal then onto You Tube a year ago where I am slowly becoming one of the "in-crowd" (don't ask me, I'm a nerd and a loner and never understand how I become a member of anything let alone the in-crowd!) and now here I am finally getting a blogspot!

While Googling everything under the sun I tend to find a great deal of it covered by blogspot users and it just seems like a cool place to share my heart's desires (crafts, art, retro,vintage, ephemera etc) and latest obsessions.

So just a "hi" and self-welcome to myself and a "w00t" for my tendency to be repeatedly redundant again. :P

Here's a little something for you, one of the records albums I picked up over the weekend, actually it's a 78rpm record set which I can't play on my current turntable but with cover art like this... I can deal with it!