Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flip Strip

I found this at a garage sale eons ago. It's from the 40s (WW2 era) and is in crumbly condition but I wanted so badly to share it that I actually damaged it a bit folding the transparent bits over to scan it but I figured it was worth it, something like this should be shared.

The inside front cover says:
"This daring young maiden, Elaine,
For a thrill jumped out of a plane.
As through space she did glide,
She lost more than her pride,
With that breeze, not a stitch could remain."


Stacey said...

Love it! What a great pin up girl find! I love stuff like that. Thanks for sharing!

Micky said...

This is awesome.
I just love finding cool old stuff.
I buy old books just for the chance that someone may have left something behind.